Workplace Experience Manager, Headspace (

"Working with Francis at Headspace was something I’ll never forget. He is a self-starter who takes the initiative for multiple projects all the while done with an infectious, friendly, and positive attitude. A compassionate individual who strives for the best in all he does and a true team player. From multiple office moves and relocations, opening up new workspaces, to organizing and running events and much more, Francis is quick on his feet and able to solve problems tactfully. His determination to lead our team and organization well helped to keep us motivated through any project. We are incredibly humbled and grateful for all he’s done for us!."

Brian Ree

CEO & Co-Founder, DailyLook (

"Francis is a great team player that makes the workplace more fun and productive. He spearheaded projects to implement new processes to make the day to day people operations run more smoothly resulting in happy employees! His strong communication, professionalism, and results-oriented work ethic would be a great asset to any team."

amanda nelson

VP Merchandising, Nasty Gal (

"Francis is an incredible administrator and general office superstar. He has the amazing ability to remain positive at all times, solve problems quickly and efficiently and is a really nice person. He managed so much for us at Nasty Gal - coordinating major office moves, overseeing an office renovation, creating and executing wonderful company events and essentially managing to be all things to all people! I'm so appreciative of everything he accomplished during the time we worked together."


DMM - Apparel, Non-Apparel & Home, Nasty Gal (

"Francis was a pleasure to work with! His positive attitude was constantly impacting the work place, keeping everyone calm and upbeat. This came through with his genuine charm and passion to work with people. As head of Operations and Events, he was the upmost example of positive company culture and could easily adapt to any situation. Anyone who works with Francis in the future is very lucky!"


Operations Manager, DailyLook (

"Besides being a joy to work with, Francis is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. As the head of People and Culture, Francis was able to organize events which brought our entire team together and created a sense of cohesiveness amongst a group of 90+ employees.  In my opinion, he has a knack for inspiring and motivating other employee and would be an asset to any employer. I recommend Francis for any endeavor he chooses to pursue."


Brand Identity Designer & Merchandising Consultant, Nasty Gal (

"Francis has more passion and enthusiasm for his work than anyone I have ever met. He just radiates positivity. In the nearly two years of working together, I never saw him ruffled. He managed two (very involved) office moves impeccably and organized more team events than I am able to count. On top of all his accomplishments and his contagious spirit, he is just an insanely nice guy!"